Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or gutting it and starting over, it’s important that you choose upgraded kitchen appliances that you can integrate into your kitchen design to modernize the space and add a new level of convenience to cooking and kitchen life. The right appliances will make all the difference in the look, feel, and function of your kitchen in Louisville, KY, and will last you for decades.

The Art of Kitchen Design in Louisville, KY: Seamlessly Integrating Your Kitchen Appliances 

As you plan your kitchen design, it’s important to consider all the functional aspects of appliance integration so that once you choose and install your appliances, you won’t regret where you placed them later on. The placement of your appliances matters just as much as the appliance you choose, as both aspects can make or break your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. When you integrate high-quality appliances into your kitchen, you’ll love the outcome and how it looks and feels.

Choose the Most Functional Appliance Locations

If your current kitchen layout and the location of your appliances don’t make any sense, the renovation process is the perfect time to change that. Whether you have a U-shape, galley, L-shaped, or island kitchen, you’ll want to place your appliances in the most functional spots. Your sink, refrigerator, and your stove should all be near each other to simplify food preparation. These appliances should be a minimum of four feet and a maximum of nine feet from one another.

As you plan your kitchen design, consider traffic flow and convenience. The refrigerator door should open easily without obstructing or preventing traffic flow and allow you to easily put away groceries. When you open the oven door or the dishwasher, neither should completely block a walkway, create a hazard, or prevent cabinets from opening. Always place the dishwasher near the sink so you don’t have to travel too far with dirty or wet dishes.

Take Measurements

Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of seamlessly integrating your new appliances into your kitchen design. All of your appliances need to fit in your kitchen, but they must also fit through the doorways so that the installation process is seamless and stress-free. Always measure your doorways before you buy your appliances to avoid a mid-installation setback.

Additionally, each appliance will require specific measurements to ensure each fits in its designated space without creating gaps or being too tight. If you’re gutting your kitchen and starting from scratch, you’ll want to plan appliance placement in conjunction with cabinet installation and then measure the planned space accordingly.

Choose Appliances From the Same Line

Once you nail down the location for your new appliances, you’ll want to choose appliances from the same brand to promote the most seamless and aesthetic kitchen design. When you choose appliances from the same brand with the same finish, your kitchen will look uniform and complete instead of mismatched and poorly planned.

If you’re ready to upgrade your appliances or are starting from scratch and want to finalize your kitchen renovation, we can help you find the right appliances that fall within your price range and have WIFI connectivity so you can operate them from your phone when needed, and will enhance your kitchen design and aesthetics. Visit us today at Bonnycastle Appliance & TV in Louisville, KY, to explore our inventory.