Dishwasher technology has come a long way since the appliance was first invented in 1850 and integrated into the modern American lifestyle in the 1950s. In Louisville, KY modern dishwashers are packed with energy-saving, water-saving, and time-saving technology all to make your life easier. But what are the best features of contemporary dishwashers you should look for when you’re shopping for a new appliance?

Maximizing Efficiency: Four Innovative Features of Modern Dishwashers in Louisville, KY

1. Specialized Water Jets

The key to the powerful cleaning efficiency of a dishwasher is the water jets placed at the bottom of the appliance. The most common design for jet technology is a spinning rotor of jets that blast heated water through the dishwasher to melt away stubborn bits of food. On top of powerful water jets for standard cleaning, many of today’s dishwashers also have specialized water jets that are designed to clean specific dishes.
Some dishwashers have bottle jets that are placed on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean mason jars, baby bottles, water bottles, and glasses. This feature ensures the bottom of the glass is cleaned thoroughly, which is much easier than cleaning bottles by hand. Some dishwashers even have jets on the bottom rack of the appliance to clean casserole dishes and other baked-on messes.

2. Glassware Holders

Cleaning glass and fine China is typically a task that has to be completed by hand. However, some dishwashers are designed with glassware holders that keep a gentle grim on the stem of cups to keep delicate glassware in place while the dishwasher is on. These glassware holders can be used to hold wine glasses and other delicate dishes.

3. Third Dishwasher Rack

In recent years, the trend of having a third-rack dishwasher has become more common. Dishwashers typically have a bottom rack for plates and a top rack for glasses, but some models may have a third rack placed above the second rack that is designed to clean specific dishes. Most third-rack designs are intended for silverware, cooking utensils, and delicate small cups. Some dishwashers may use a third rack to replace the bottom-rack silverware basket.
In addition to a third rack, some dishwashers may be designed to let you adjust the height of the upper rack. This feature can allow you to make more room on the bottom rack so you can customize the appliance for any given wash cycle, such as if you need to wash a tall pot or cookie sheet.

4. Quiet Motors

Usually, when a dishwasher is on, you may be able to hear the appliance motor running throughout your kitchen. However, some contemporary dishwashers have an ultra-quiet motor that runs the appliance in near silence. The only way you may realize the dishwasher has completed a wash cycle is if the end cycle light on the appliance turns on.
Today’s dishwashers are thoughtfully designed with quiet motors and features that allow you to customize the appliance for each wash cycle. Get in touch with Bonnycastle Appliance and TV to learn about appliance specials for your new dishwasher.