Our History

Serving the Louisville, KY area since 1918

Since 1918

In 1918, Bardstown Road was little more than a country lane where smiles were genuine and people truly cared about their neighbors. This photo is of the intersection of Taylorsville Road with Bardstown Road.

As steamboats cruised the Ohio River, folks walked to work, rode the inter-urban, or came into town atop a horse-drawn buggy.
Central Park borders the eastern side of the Louisville’s Highlands. The park was designed by Frederick Olmstead and opened in 1907.
The Bonnycastle neighborhood is located at the intersection of Bonnycastle Ave and Bardstown road. It was named after Cherokee park resident, General John Bonnycastle.
Cave Hill Cemetery, shown here in a very old photograph, borders the Highland’s northern edge.
Bonnycastle Appliance & TV originated as Bonnycastle Hardware. In those days people bought their appliances from their hardware store.
During the 20s and 30s, Louisville grew quickly and nowhere was its growth more explosive than along Bardstown Road, where the quaint country lane was evolving into a major thoroughfare, lined with businesses, churches and new homes.
While the Great 1937 Flood created havoc in some parts of Louisville, the Highlands was spared because of its higher elevation.
After World War II, Louisville’s rate of growth intensified and the demand skyrocketed for higher quality and more versatile appliances. To meet this demand, Bonnycastle Hardware made plans to expand.
In 1949 they built another store about a mile down the road, near the intersection of Taylorsville Road and Bardstown Road, to house their appliance division and make room for a new television division, separating electronics from hardware.
After 50 years in that same location, Bonnycastle Appliance & TV expanded again to better meet the needs of its customers who came from miles around to take advantage of the price, selection and quality of service.
Bonnycastle Appliance & TV was a Louisville landmark long before Randy, Cactus, and Uncle Ed Callay entertained Louisville’s children on television.
Today, the new Bonnycastle Appliance and TV has four times the showroom space, displaying our huge selection of all major brands of appliances and electronics.
Bonnycastle Appliance & TV has established a tradition of service that has lasted for over 100 years…proof positive that when you treat your customers right, they come back to you and bring their family and friends.

At Bonnycastle Appliance & TV, we treat every customer with the same old-fashioned neighborhood service they have been accustomed to for generations. It has been that way for over 100 years and will never change.

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