When you've got only a few dishes to do, washing them by hand is a pleasant option. When you're cleaning up after a five-course family feast, nothing beats an automatic dishwasher in Louisville.

Hand-washing dishes vs. using an automatic dishwasher in Louisville

Believe it or not, an automatic dishwasher wins hands down when compared to doing the same number of dishes by hand. It does, that is, if it's a newer model Energy Star certified dishwasher and you do a full load. Modern machines can use a mere three gallons of water per load, whereas washing one load of dishes in the sink may consume nearly 30 gallons. An Energy Star dishwasher in Louisville may save 5,000 gallons of water every year, explains Alina Bradford at CNET. Standards set in place in 2013 require new dishwashers to consume no more than five gallons of water per load. Older machines, especially dishwashers made before 1994 can use a lot more than that.

To get the most of your Louisville dishwasher

1. Scrape, don't rinse

Consumer Reports magazine says that rinsing dishes before loading them into a dishwasher is a major waste of resources. Brand new dishwashers are designed to handle a few scraps of food, so scrape dishes clear of dinner debris and pop them into the dishwasher. Your dishes will get just as clean.

2. Load your machine properly

Place cups, small bowls, and glasses on the top rack. Dishwasher-safe plastic containers may also be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher in Louisville. Larger items, including platters, plates and dishwasher-safe cutting boards may be placed upright on the bottom rack in such a way as to not impede water spray to the top rack. Knives and forks should be placed in silverware baskets with sharp points facing downward.

3. Always wash a full load

Super savings are seldom seen unless you wash a full load at once. Some newer dishwashers have a rinse-and-hold feature that's especially helpful for small households that don't make a full load of dishes every day.

A very brief history of your dishwasher in Louisville

A patent was awarded to the inventor of the rudimentary dish-spraying machine in 1850. Designed by Joel Houghton, the hand-cranked wooden machine was not very effective. Sixteen years later, another dishwashing device was patented by one L. Alexander. Again, the machine was not great at cleaning dishes. It wasn't until 1886 that a housewife by the name of Josephine Cochrane re-invented the dishwasher in a way that worked. Cochrane's dishwasher made its public debut at the 1893 World's Fair. Within years, the hand-cranked machine evolved to work via steam and electricity. Ultimately, Mrs. Cochrane's invention became the solid foundation of the KitchenAid appliance company, explains Gizmo Highway.

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